NBX, Hagal and Suniqon have established SunSpearX

Sunspear Funding Platform
Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX), Hagal and
Suniqon have established SunSpearX, an innovative solution that enables access
to profitable solar energy and battery projects for private households who want
to offset their own electricity consumption, as well as private and professional

For private households, owning a solar panel in a larger installation is a more
flexible, less expensive and more efficient solution than a complex project for
home installation. With SunSpearX, the household can easily increase or decrease
the number of panels to a level that balances consumption for the home.

SunSpearX utilizes blockchain technology on solar panel systems and battery
storage systems, optimizing the operations and electricity offtake. This model
is lowering the threshold for private/ non-professional investors to access
solar energy infrastructure investments and generate return from renewable
energy generation.

Through the SunSpearX's platform, users can participate in sustainable energy
projects and contribute to the expansion of solar and battery energy
installations. This enables electricity consumers to reduce their environmental
footprint, while at the same time providing attractive investment opportunities
in the renewable energy sector.

The platform will not only be a marketplace for existing solar energy projects
but will also function as a funding platform for landowners seeking to build new
projects or refinance existing projects.

"With the electricity crisis fresh in mind, we now see a great demand in both
Norway and the EU for the opportunity to offset private electricity consumption
in a sustainable way. For private households, owning a solar panel in a larger
installation will be much more flexible, less expensive and far more efficient
than mounting it on your own roof. The household can easily increase or decrease
the number of panels to a level that balances the consumption in their own home.
The chance of fire or technical problems related to solar panels in your own
home is also eliminated. Larger parks also provide much lower overhead costs for
the necessary infrastructure per installed panel. In addition, moving to a new
apartment or household will be unproblematic, the solar panels will in a way tag
along", says Stig Kjos-Mathisen, CEO of NBX.

"We are excited to collaborate with Hagal and Suniqon on the launch of
SunSpearX. The marketplace offers the opportunity to invest in solar energy also
for those who have previously been limited by solar conditions, regulation or
simply because they live in an apartment or rented property." Kjos-Mathisen

SunSpearX addresses traditional energy financing challenges by establishing a
simplified, decentralized platform that encourages involvement from private
investors in renewable energy projects. Leveraging blockchain technology ensures
secure transactions.

Christian F. Ringvold, CEO of Hagal, will serve as the interim CEO of SunSpearX.
"At Hagal, we believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork to realize our
joint vision to revolutionize and simplify the accessibility and profitability
of solar energy projects," Ringvold commented.

"SunSpearX combines innovation and sustainability, and through solar panels and
battery storage, we offer a solution for individuals to access clean energy, and
to take an active part in the energy transition." Kjell L. Risnes, Chairman of
the Board of Suniqon.

SunSpearX stands out as an offer where sustainable clean energy production is
made economically achievable for everyone. SunSpearX is set to democratize
energy production and consumption.

For more information about SunSpearX and how to participate and to get involved,
visit www.sunspearx.com

Media Contacts:
Christian F. Ringvold
Title: Interim CEO SunSpearX & CEO of Hagal
Email:  christian.ringvold@hagal.com

Stig Kjos-Mathisen
Title: CEO NBX
Email: stig.aleksander.kjos-mathisen@nbx.com


About Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX)
NBX is a financial services company building products and services based on
digital assets. NBX is registered with the Norwegian Financial Supervisory
Authority and is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange Euronext Growth. SunSpearX will
use the NBX trading platform and NBX is a founding partner of SunSpearX.

About Hagal
Hagal is a battery technology company, developing revolutionary single-cell
battery control technology. For SunSpearX, Hagal will deploy their proprietary
energy management systems. Hagal is one of the founding partners of SunSpearX.

About Suniqon
A market leader in installing safe and reliable solar cell systems in terms of
efficiency and technology. Suniqon is one of the founding partners of SunSpearX.